Canada is a dominion with ancient roots.

Forged by the English and French civilizations. United under the British Crown. Sorely tested by rebellion in 1776 and invasion in 1812, as the brave men and women who remained loyal to King and Country determined to preserve a Royal and Christian order on the North American continent.

While her southern neighbour debated “big government” vs “small government”, Canada sought a competent government where wise judgement had freedom of action. Rather than pit the state against itself, Canada preserved unified Royal sovereignty. Rejecting the liberal fiction of atomized sovereign individuals, Canada understood that the human being is a product of roots, ancestry, faith, culture, and a political order. This was the order which created a Dominion stretching from sea to sea, and from the Arctic to the 49th parallel.

This memory has been erased and our history rewritten. As George Grant realized more than 50 years ago, the deed was done from within. Canada’s own elites became entranced by the liberal world order shaped by the American republic. Thus they sought to dissolve the country and create a new one: borderless, rootless, faithless, and soulless. They abandoned their Sovereign and swore loyalty to the global hegemony of the liberal order – the same order which Canada was founded to stand against.

Today, Canada and the Western world suffer the crises unleashed by that order. Political factions weaponize social divisions within and mass immigration from without to entrench their power. With the family itself having long been attacked, the very defining traits of the individual – gender, race, faith, hierarchy – come under attack. Global liberalism lays waste to entire nations, attempting to gain moral authority from the very crises it creates. The international order becomes an international chaos, and it is ever more clear that no one is at the wheel.

The time has come for Canada to remember her mission and purpose. Our Dominion was founded in 1867, and yet inherits ancient traditions. It is a child of the English and French civilizations which themselves inherited Greek philosophy, Roman law, and Christian religion – all expressed in languages with Germanic, Celtic, and Latin roots.

Canada testifies that Man requires values beyond the economic, which in turn inform the social order: the roots of the ancestors and the ethos of the transcendent. She bears witness that it is wisdom and ability rather than constitutions and systems which create peace, order, and competent government. Against the factional warfare of authority divided against itself, we must bear the Royal standard of a unified, secure, and effective sovereign power.

Only a political order founded on these things will carry our spirits to the Heavens and our people to the stars. Taking up this duty once again is the mission of Northern Dawn.

Make strong old dreams.