Northern Dawn Talks With The Edmonton Examiner

December 1, 2016 Media Comments (0) 1703

The original Edmonton Examiner article published by Madeleine Cummings and Doug Johnson on Nov. 30, 2016, is available here.

Northern Dawn is posting the transcript of the interview, so readers and supporters can gain a broader picture of our background and mission.

Doug Johnson: First off, Could you tell us a bit about your group? What are your goals? How many members do you have?

Northern Dawn: Northern Dawn is a project intended to tap into Canada’s founding political traditions and use them to map out a better future for North America. Canada is part of Western civilization via the British and French political traditions it inherited – loyalism, conceptions of human nature as being shaped by roots and culture, a state which privileges political and ethical values over economics, and above all the Crown.

Aside from the leadership team, our structure is designed to be decentralized and as of right now, we’re not focused on “official members” so much as we are on supporters, contributors, and content generators. We’ve had a ton of responses offering support in those initiatives.

DJ: Next, I’d like to get a sense of your role, if any, in the posters put up around Edmonton ( for example). They mention your organization, but it could just be a referral on someone else’s part – if so, are you happy with this referral? Have you seen an increase in web traffic or interest since these posters went up?

ND: We’re pleased to have people across Canada following us and helping out. Regarding the posters, we neither produced, nor posted them, but we certainly encourage people to spread our message far and wide within the bounds of the law. We’ve seen a massive increase in web traffic and have been receiving emails from new fans and supporters all over Canada.

DJ: Next, the response on social media to the posters has been mixed, with some arguing that the posters reflect views that many white people have. Others suggest they are racist. Debates too are raging around free speech. Why do you think these posters have created such a controversy?

ND: The posters have revealed controversy which already exists and has existed for some time. Most of these posters did nothing more than note that globalization and mass immigration have been detrimental to white interests, a sentiment shared by many across the country too afraid to speak out publicly, lest they be subject to ginned up hysteria and hand-wringing.

That sentiment alone has been sufficient for some people to call for hate speech investigations.

The media narrative seems to be that these pro-nationalist, pro-Western, anti-globalist sentiments were marginal in Canada until Trump declared his candidacy. Of course Trump has inspired many people to become more public with views they already to some extent held and to question political orthodoxies, but this is certainly not new. Northern Dawn’s project is to make sure that these sentiments are channeled towards a reawakening of Canada’s role as upholding the historic traditions of British and French North America. Those currents can guide us to building a civilizational order far superior to global liberalism.

As for the posters being racist, that word has no fixed definition. Once it was racist to see colour, now it’s racist not to. White people moving in is racist gentrification; white people moving away is “white flight”. It’s mostly nothing but a slur, and we treat it as a slur. When someone calls you a racist, they are trying to get you to do something for them–and not necessarily something that’s in your own best interests.

Free speech has been a central theme in the debates around these posters. Our perspective is that free speech debates have almost become a distraction. A huge investment has been made into debating whether it is permissible to even question mass immigration. We also have the example of Prof. Jordan Peterson at the University of Toronto, where the debate is over whether radical gender ideologies can be questioned at all. While we respect that effort and the courage it takes, we’re bypassing that debate and striking at the project of global neoliberalism itself.

DJ: I recently talked with Jesse Lipscombe who, a few months back, had the n-word yelled at him from a car window and it was caught on camera. He suggested the reason that people made and posted these posters was that some people are beginning to feel alienated by social justice movements, and that it would be more fruitful for both camps to attempt to work together – any thoughts or feelings on this?

ND: The social justice movement has tried to make a distinction between “whiteness” as a construct and white people themselves. Whether this distinction even holds up philosophically is a matter of debate, but anyone who has extended interactions with people who strongly espouse social justice views can attest that there is a strong, thinly-veiled negative sentiment towards whites. This frame also allows them to strip whiteness of any historical, social, or civilization ties. Northern Dawn maintains that race is both real and important, but that we must view it in the broader context of civilization and political order.

In other words, our goal is the rebuilding of Western civilization and therefore we are interested in all the factors necessary and fundamental to its establishment and flourishing.

We’re not entirely sure what we would work together with these social justice groups on, as we seem fundamentally opposed in nature. The social justice project purports to be based on equality, diversity, and tolerance. But more important to it is the notion that any moral judgement of people or actions is illegitimate. In reality, the project is actually about seizing control, denying basic biological and political realities, and using ever more marginal grievances as a battering ram against Western civilization. This forces everyone to assent to the claim that flavour-of-the-month identities are equally as valuable as traditional identities, or else be attacked and threatened by social justice ideologues.

DJ: Finally, where is your group based, and how should we credit the person who responds to these questions? Obviously, we would prefer a first and last name, along with the name of that person’s position within the group.

ND: While we have supporters from all provinces, the leadership team is based in Vancouver and Toronto. You can credit the interview to Mark Christensen and Joseph Saint-Pierre, both executives of Northern Dawn.

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