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It’s 2016, and crises seem to be multiplying and converging every day. You don’t even keep track of them all anymore. There was a time not too long ago when the warmongering, the next terror attack, the tales of corruption and factional chaos, and the sense that no one is in the driver’s seat made you confused and angry. Now it’s just all part of life in the current year.

But you’re not just giving in and going along. You’re here, after all. That makes all the difference.

There is a deeper meaning to the name of Northern Dawn. In the furthest reaches of the north, the sun does not set for months out of the year. This is reflected in myths throughout various cultures of a land where the sun never sets. What dawns from the north is this undying light.

Canada is a dominion of the north and was founded as the home of an ancient light. Against the liberal republic to her south – and the chaotic oligarchy and atomistic individualism it represented – the Loyalist foundations of Canada began to take shape. Canada represented a different vision of what ethos should shape the North American continent. This ethos was forged and embodied in the Crown: order and hierarchy, sovereign authority, freedom under law, and Canada’s continuity with her ancestral faith, spirit, and civilization. A stark contrast to the reign of quantity over quality, divisive factionalism, tyrannical chaos, and cultural amnesia which global liberalism has created.

The project of Northern Dawn is simple. If global liberalism – and its errors and crises – are to be overcome, it will only be because an alternative exists which makes itself worthy to succeed it. A man must become worthy of a family and household, and a civilization must become worthy of order and glory – and the only difference is scale. The tradition exists. The wisdom exists. What is needed are people dedicated to receiving and living it. Northern Dawn aims to accomplish this through intellectual work, social connections, aesthetics and discipline.

While Northern Dawn is a Canadian project, it cannot be emphasized enough that Canada does not stand alone. We are part of the North American continent, we are part of the Anglosphere, and we inherit the traditions of Western civilization and Imperial Christendom. In upholding the Royalist faith of Canada, Northern Dawn seeks to pave the way for a Restoration which ends the downward course our civilization has placed itself on, and begins a new cycle upward – perhaps even into the stars.

If your guiding lights for strong political thought include names like George Grant, Roger Scruton, or Mencius Moldbug, contact us. If you have a knack for art or aesthetics and think that hiking or shooting trip might look better with Red Ensigns flying, contact us. If you have expertise to offer on what policies can rebuild strong families and restore communal bonds, contact us. If you have a perspective to bring us on geopolitics, history, migration, or culture, contact us. If you’re sick of a Canadian Left which makes us into a social justice-obsessed internationalist hotel and a Canadian Right which makes us into little more than a bazaar in the global market, contact us.

Let’s seek a new dawn. Make strong old dreams.

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